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 Summer evening walkOn the MoveSummer  Painting 


A love of wide open spaces and big skies underlie Elly’s current paintings in oil and acrylic;  they are rooted in landscape. Her frequent stays in South West France, give her a constant source to draw upon. Although she’ll sketch and make notes about views and scenes which appeal to her, the paintings are always created in her garden studio in UK, or in the converted stable studio she uses in France.


Inspiration for a painting might come from the pattern and texture of a freshly  ploughed field, or from observing how rows of vines form regimented lines through the local vineyards. The blaze of colour provided by a field of sunflowers, rapeseed or golden corn,  will be carefully stored in her mind as are vistas of undulating fields and far off hills. How blossom or leaves are lifted  from trees by the wind, then float for a while on currents of air before gently falling  to the ground, will be etched in her memory. Back in the studio there is never an attempt to paint a realistic rendering. Instead she re-interprets and re-arranges the impressions accumulated in her mind. Remembered fragments of colour, shape and pattern  will be used  to introduce movement, energy and a joyful lightness to her paintings. Elly’s pleasure in making her colourful work shines through, inviting us to take a journey through her imaginary landscapes.



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